1. Uhhh… I can link you to the tags I primarily use for fanart?

    General fanart.

    Art by tumblr user martythegirl. You can probably find more on Marty’s blog: martythegirl

    Art by tumblr user mccler. And you can find all her fanart on mumb1e22.

    That’s all the publicly posted stuff I can offer, I think! There’s a lot of different cool artists who have done Gesa fanart (among other cool things), including leocopet youngearlgrey and charbons 

    Anything else and you’d be better coming off anon so we can figure out what you’re looking for exactly!

  2. If Your Girl Only Knew - Aaliyah

  3. seapunkgang:


💜💖💜Everyone should read this





    Everyone should read this

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  4. It’s just a temporary slide back in the abyss.

    I should’ve seen it coming from miles away.

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  5. Samuel EP purchase links:




    This is the part where I explain that purchases of music releases help artists earn more on gigs and also helps ensure they are given future opportunities to publish the music they produce and get really cool music videos and neat shit like that.

    You can buy this and get really great music and then also feel good because you invested in future really great music.

    All for less than the price of a Pumpkin Spice Latte! (Or a PSL and a snack if you use beatport.)

  6. Sam Tiba : "J'ai le fantasme du romantisme à la française"

  7. A music video that doesn’t rely on sexist or racist imagery but still has a diverse cast feels like such a breath of fresh air, I can’t lie.

  8. annisko:

    Welcome to my Cowbell Party!

    In honour of chiquemeduse and their inspiring Bromance #1 post . You should read that post first and watch this video, so you can enjoy my work way more.

    This was so much fun!!

    This is actually genius and not what I was expecting at all. Though I’m not sure really what I expected so that doesn’t really mean much. This is really cool though!

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  9. vintagechiquevinylfreak:

    It’s finally here!

    DÉGUISEMENT - SAM TIBA (Directed by Nick and Chloé)

    The allusions were pretty obvious but I was nonetheless delighted to “get” them.

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